Hope Is Not A Strategy

crafting a life you love Mar 06, 2022

"I hope eventually the puzzle pieces will all come together."


I hear statements like this often in my life design strategy calls. The participant will tell me about the amazing dreams they have for their life and everything they're doing to bring it to fruition.

At some point, I typically ask, "how does what you're doing support the life you desire to create." That's when they share their hopes. They say, "I hope eventually the puzzle pieces will all come together."

In other words, they're expecting with confidence (hoping) that after a long delay, dispute, or series of problems (eventually) the puzzle pieces will all come together.

Their life is a reflection of that.

  • They hope this relationship will benefit them in the long run and so they spend months tied to a person who's not suitable.
  • They hope this job will help them build the skill set that supports their dreams. All the while they're collecting accolades that don't really matter.
  • They hope that this new hobby will support their goals, meanwhile the opportunities aligned with their vision are dormant.
  • They hope this side-hustle will help them create time and money freedom, meanwhile their time and money are all tied up in a new endeavor.

Hope is not a strategy and it's not helpful. All too often, we think the "strategy" is doing more, as if the information we need is buried under projects we've yet to explore. The truth is, to build the path forward you have to look backwards. The attributes of what supports your fulfillment is clearly defined in all the experiences you've already had.

If you've been makes changes based on hope, stop.

You have the power to create intentional and impactful change.

Just take a look back.

If you’ve had a desire to launch a business or remove the overwhelm of juggling life + business but found yourself seeking more knowledge and taking on more projects instead, let’s jump on a call to talk about how to honor your desires in the life you lead.

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