Let me tell you about Mr. Man.

Apr 23, 2022

Mr. Man is a returning client who recently took the Clutter to Clarity workshop.

Each time that I complete a coaching session with him, he surprises me. He always shares something outside the norm.


During the workshop, I asked him what environment does your clutter cycle impact, he said, "my body".


That surprised me because most people list a particular place in their home. It's not a requirement, but that's typically what they do. It's also part of my process to identify how your home is impacted by your cycle.


So when he said my body, I was like, "What? No one has ever said that."


Last time I worked with him, he said "my car".

No one had ever said that before either.


This time around his response turned into a light bulb moment.


In the past it was his car that he felt was impacted.

Our cars reflect the need to be on the go. We have too many thoughts, tasks and responsibilities.


When he shared his body felt cluttered, I realized we had finally gotten to the bottom of it all.

A body that feels cluttered reflects that we don't feel at home with ourselves.


Even though he didn't mention a place in his home, his responses reflect that no matter where he goes he doesn't feel at home. 

Last weekend, he learned through his clutter cycle that his cluttered habit is allowing himself to do things he doesn't actually agree with.


I often ask which environment clients feel is impacted so we can find their starting point, but every aspect of their life is impacted by this habit. The way you clutter one part of your life is the way you clutter every part of your life.


Let's consider how this realization could change his life.


By choosing to let his agreement be the highest authority for his life,

  • he will only allow what feels aligned with the life he wants to create
  • he will only spend his money in ways that please him rather than other people
  • he will only do work that feels right and good to him - no stretching himself thin and allowing all the "coulds" and "shoulds". He will identify where he thrives.
  • he will have boundaries and show up as himself instead of who others want him to be and hoping they will one day see him for who he is.
  • he will have improved health and wellness. He will treat himself better and surround himself with people who will do the same.


In the end, he will create a space mentally and emotionally where he can focus on healing - his #1 goal.

By knowing what he often does to clutter his life, he is empowered to create change.

 The same could be true for you.


Are you ready to get radically honest about the life you lead so you can build the life you desire?


During this 1 hr. workshop, you'll identify the cluttered habit that is keeping you stuck and how to break free so you can start working towards your most fulfilling goals in 7 days or less.

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Que-so Goodbye,



P.S. Here's what Mr. Man said was the best part of the workshop: "The challenging yet rewarding pace. It was quick enough that analysis paralysis was nullified and also provided time and space for genuine introspection. "


1 hour of introspective work will change your life. Click here to learn more.

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