I see you entrepreneur.


You’re crushing it in business, but you wish you were skinnier, healthier, organized, and actually invested in your hobbies, relationships and self-care.

You want to scale your sales and deepen the connection to your life.

Instead you’re overworkingoverindulging in shopping and travel, and binge-ing UberEats and Netflix.


Why is it that...

 You’ve hired help in your life and in your business, but you feel like your time is still stretched?

You’ve tried to set boundaries on your time, but you don’t follow the dream schedule you set?

You’ve continued to grow your income, but you don’t see it and feel it?

You come home to what appears to be a nice place, but you know that all your stuff is just hidden in bins, boxes and drawers?


The answer is clutter.

Cluttered thinking keeps you in a state of doing too much.

Cluttered actions move you further from your goals.

A cluttered schedule leaves little room for what you want to be doing.

When you learn how to clear the clutter, you will create the peace of mind, space, and discipline required to dedicate time to your goals.

will help you create the time you need to build a life outside of your business and achieve any goal.


FREE MY TIME is a 6-month group coaching program helping you leverage the tool of decluttering to create 20 hours per week to focus on achieving your personal goals. 

Here's how it works:

Find 20 hours. 

First, you'll learn your clutter and declutter cycle so you can identify how and why you clutter your time.

Free 20 hours. 

Second, you'll declutter your schedule to free your time from clutter.

Fill 20 hours. 

Third, you will create time for your goals and fill your schedule with the activities that will help you achieve them.

Sustain 20 hours. 

Fourth, you will implement new time boundaries to sustain the 20 hours you've created for your goals.

Are you ready to get back 20 hours in your week so you can build a life and business that fulfill you?
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Meet Your Coach!


Hey, I'm Jessica!

In 2017 I started my decluttering journey.

Using this tool, I created the time to:

  • lose over 45 lbs and create eating and exercise habits I can actually maintain
  • launch a blog, conference and coaching business
  • live out of a van and travel the world
  • for weekly piano lessons and foot massages and hours-long phone calls with friends
  • have monthly daddy-daughter days and weekly dinners with my mom

You’ve been talking with yourself, your friends, and maybe even God about working with a mentor, guru or coach.
That’s me. I can't wait to be your coach and help you create time for your goals!


Be accomplished and fulfilled.


Before I worked with Jessica, I felt dissatisfied with myself because I was not conducting life to my fullest potential. Not knowing where to start fed the fear that I was carrying inside myself. I began using vision boards, lists, journaling, meditating and praying, but I still couldn’t find the flow. I needed the “how to”. Through this process I have been taught a way to find solutions in my personal and professional life based upon using Jessica's FROmula methodology [by] identifying and changing the [clutter] cycles I have.
By figuring out how to declutter and get to who I authentically am…

- Amanda

 "I look forward to building life-long habits."

The program has made me much more mindful about my tendencies to clutter my space and my schedule, it has also given me tangible tools to tackle these challenges when they arise. Jessica has created a program that I believe can benefit anyone that is feeling over-cluttered or stuck in some way. Yet the beautiful aspect of her approach is that it is highly individualized. I was easily able to make connections with the work done with Jessica in the coaching sessions and my personal and professional life.

Understanding my clutter cycle was a game changer! I look forward to building lifelong habits.

- Ella 

Achieve what you really want.

"I have lost 30 pounds.
I paint daily now.

I have given myself permission to explore my dreams. Jessica encouraged me to make a physical space first for what I wanted to do, in order to have the right mindset to get started. Through our discussions, I was able to unclog my thoughts and free up my spaces to allow for creativity in my life. I learned to give myself permission to take space. I have lost 30 pounds. I have given myself permission to make room for my dream of becoming an artist. I paint daily now.

Free My Time

is currently closed for enrollment.

6-Month Group Coaching Program


Pay In Full and Installment Options Available

Here's what's included:

  • Access To Course Modules, Guides & Workbooks - breakdown the decluttering process into simple and manageable steps.
  • 2 Group Coaching Sessions Per Month - get coached on how to maintain your time boundaries as you on navigate changes in your life.
  • Private Community - get coaching, support and encouragement in-between sessions from a community that understands your journey.
  • Lifetime Access To Decluttering Tools - continue implementing what you've learned well after the program has completed.

Achieve any goal.

"I found the confidence to return to what I love"

Before working with Jessica, I was struggling to find the confidence to return to what I loved deep down inside. After working with Jessica, I gained more clarity around my goals and how my short term actions were misaligned with my vision. The best part of working with her was the relief of anxiety. In addition to finding the confidence to return to what I loved, I also met incredible people I now work alongside, learned to be patient with myself, and reallocated funds towards my dreams to generate additional income.

- Sylvester

With less clutter and more time, you could*:


Lose 30 lbs.

Fall in love.


Re-ignite your hobbies.


Live in the moment.

With less clutter and 20 hours per week, you could*:

Launch A Business.


Lose 30 lbs.


Save $10,000.


Re-ignite Your Passions.

"I have gained so much insight into myself."

This program has opened me up to understanding that I can give myself permission to do what I want. It has become a really powerful mantra for me, that has allowed me to see more of the ways I have been holding myself back and allow myself to open up and do the things I say I want to do. I have seen myself change and develop in a way that I am proud of, the side hustle is still slowly growing, but I have gained so much insight into myself that I know it is helping me build a strong foundation to further grow my side hustle.

~ Karyn

She is absolutely the G.O.A.T. at what she does.

"She helps you design your life in a way that makes what you dream about accessible, actionable, and achievable." 



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