2 environments to declutter for life-changing results.

Mar 31, 2022

We tend to think solely about our home when we consider decluttering. In reality, your home isn't the only environment you operate within. Inside this blog, I'll break down 2 other environments to declutter outside your home for life-changing results.

After reading this, take action today by looking at these key areas of your life.

Your environment is everything, but it's not limited to your home.
Your relationships and your job are also important environments to consider.

Let's talk about each one.


Your relationships.

Shifting relationships is tough because we are tasked with considering the feelings and emotions of others while trying to honor our own. It's tricky, but it becomes easier when we ask this question: what is the foundation of this relationship?

Relationships that are based on insecurity, past identities, or making yourself small don't serve us. They are clutter. This doesn't mean that we have to let these friends go, but it does signify a need for us to show up differently. How can you thrive in your life if your primary interactions are predicated on being less than?

Once you've identified this, two things are likely to occur:

  1. You will give more energy to the relationships where you are encouraged to be your best self.
  2. You will consider how you can show up differently to honor who you are in the relationships that are unsupportive.

I'll tell you now that this may result in lost relationships.  Just because you are ready for change does not mean that others are willing to do the same. Give those people time and space as needed. Then, go where you can thrive and cultivate deeper, meaningful relationships.

Where are you dimming your light to maintain relationships?

How can you create a shift?


Your job.

We all need money.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't have any standards about how we obtain it.

I have persevered through jobs where my supervisor openly suggested I "do something" about my natural hair, didn't speak to me for an extended time, treated me like I was only good for getting results, and questioned if I was deserving of a raise. All to make the highly-praised 6 figure salary...

Am I grateful for the experiences this job created? Absolutely.

Am I willing continue losing my dignity to maintain them? Absolutely not.

It wasn't worth it to lose my dignity and sometimes my mind so that I could impress others with my salary and hit the milestones the world told me to aspire to. 

Experiencing what's out of alignment will help you build guidelines for what you will and won't allow. They key is to take action. You're not meant to live out of alignment forever.

What lessons have you learned from working out of alignment?

How can you make money and be appreciated for your worth at the same time?


Your home.

Everything you keep in your space reflects something about your perspective on the world.

Here are just a few of the perspectives my clients have uncovered in their homes:

  • I am inadequate⁠
  • I am responsible for upholding other's expectations.⁠
  • My worth is tied to my accomplishments⁠
  • I need to be perfect.⁠
  • I am incapable.⁠
  • I am not enough.⁠
  • I need permission to create space for myself.⁠

⁠It's tough to maintain positive thoughts and supportive beliefs when your home screams "You're incapable!" day in and day out.

Take a look around your own home and see what it says.

Which of these are impacting you the most right now?


Which of these areas need your focus as you declutter?
Answer the prompts above to identify your priority.

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