How this mom cut hours, 
increased income, and launched her dream business by decluttering her kitchen.


What does it take to transform an unfulfilling life into a fulfilling one?

In the videos below, you'll follow Amanda's journey from dissatisfied to fulfilled as she learns how to design + align her environment and actions with the life she desires to lead. The videos below are unscripted excerpts from her coaching sessions. Scroll down to begin watching her journey!

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Meet Amanda.

Before we jump into Amanda's story, hear from her in her own words who she is, what she desires and why it was time to create a change.


What was keeping Amanda stuck?

When Amanda came to see Jessica, she'd recently purchased the building for her business, Soul boutique. Roughly 3 months had passed since the purchase and she was feeling stuck. Her job was "sucking the life out of her" and tasks for her business were continually being left incomplete. She said she'd been leveraging "vision boards, lists, journaling, meditating and praying, but still couldn't find the flow..." She needed the "how to".

In this video, Amanda shares her struggle and what she *thinks* she needs to achieve her goals.


What did Amanda learn during her coaching sessions?

During their time together, Jessica and Amanda uncovered her clutter cycle and how her perspective was shaping her environment and her life.

In this video hear from Amanda as she learns what she truly needs to launch her dream business.


How did Amanda implement what she learned?

Amanda quickly realized that breaking her clutter cycle wasn't just about making a change in her home, it was about making a change in her life.

Listen in to her 30 day check-in and hear how her lessons shaped the design for her life and next phase of her journey.



What did she achieve?

In 6 months, she's shifted the way she works to authentically build the life she's been dreaming of.

Press play to hear about her success!


What could you create? 

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Just 3 months after beginning her coaching sessions Amanda celebrated the grand opening of her business.

What's next for Amanda?

This is so perfect

I dreamed about this, prayed about this and now I’m living it. I'm working on making the most of my hours.



What else are people saying about our programs?

Before working with Jessica I was struggling with clutter in my space that was hindering my mental clarity. I already had tried the KonMari method to reduce material clutter in some spaces. During my time with Jessica, I uncovered the meaning behind my clutter and I learned about my patterns and how to avoid them in the future. What I loved most is that my space brings me so much joy, and the items in my spaces are placed with intentionality and purpose. On top of that, I've also saved money from not purchasing things I do not need, and I have created a space that reflects who I am in this moment.

- Angela

Before working with Jessica I was struggling with the ability to build my savings account. During our time together, I learned why so much of my income was given to shopping, eating out and frivolous spending. Jessica set me on a path to save $10,000 within one year. On top of saving $10K, I was able to create the funds I need to establish my in-home baking business.

~ Debbie

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