If you answer yes to the following questions, this program is for you. 

Are you a working professional and entrepreneur with an established business or upcoming business launch?

Have you experienced a start and stop pattern as you attempt to achieve your goals?

Are you struggling to align your business with your values and the lifestyle you want to create?

If so, you're ready for Designed 'N Aligned (DNA), a step-by-step course + coaching program supporting professionals as they break free from perfectionism to create business + life aligned with their values. 

What’s inside?

Inside the course, you’ll leverage The FROmulaTM, to get free, get radical, and be original so you can confidently step into an authentic life with ease.

Get Free

Identify your clutter and fulfillment cycles so you can pinpoint the exact shifts required to break free from self-doubt.

Get the "how to" as you prepare to shift your environment and actions to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Get Radical

Curate a well-designed environment that will help you make consistent progress towards your business goals in spite of your fears.

As you declutter your space you'll learn more about yourself. Uncover what you need to create an aligned and authentic life. 

Be Original.

Finally, take the leap into your ideal life and business with a solid foundation.

You'll leave the course with your power list which provides the details you need to  support your new habits.

It's time to honor your authentic self.


Before I worked with Jessica, I felt dissatisfied with myself because I was not conducting life to my fullest potential. Not knowing where to start fed the fear that I was carrying inside myself. I started a piece together process to focus on abundance and felt as though I had blocks preventing me from achieving it. I began using vision boards, lists, journaling, meditating and praying, but I still couldn’t find the flow. I needed the “how to”. During my time working with Jessica I was taught a way to find solutions in my personal and professional life based upon identifying and changing the [clutter] cycles I have. By figuring out how to declutter and get to who I authentically am…

~ Amanda

Build an environment aligned with who you desire to become.

"I am feeling empowered &
in control of my life."

Before [this course], I didn't address this issue at all but I had an underlying anxiety of needing stuff to keep me safe. I couldn't figure out why I resisted certain changes that I logically knew would be beneficial. What attracted me most to this program was Jessica's talk about cluttered thinking. I hadn't thought of that before. Was I a cluttered thinker? Yes, I was. Jessica helped me identify some goals I had and how to achieve them. So, I am decluttering slowly. I am examining my relationship to things. I am questioning my purchases. 

I am feeling empowered and in control of my life. 

Create your life with intention.

"In just a few months, I have saved over $8,000!"

My finances elevated after I completed the Crash Course! As I was decluttering, I was able to see years of wasted money. I threw away items that did not have any value or serve a purpose in my life. I don't want to get trapped into another cycle like that ever again. I am proud to say in just a few months, I have saved over $8,000!

- Nicole

3 months later her savings grew to $25K!


Designed 'N Aligned participants are actively creating authentic and fulfilling lives.


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Course + Community


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  • Self-Paced DNA Course Access
  • Digital Decluttering Guide + Workbook
  • Group Q&A Sessions
  • 6 Months of Community Access
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1:1 Coaching + Course + Community


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  • Customized 1:1 Coaching + DNA Course Content
  • Personalized 6-month
    Life Design Plan
  • 1, 3, 6 month check-ins + Voxer Access
  • Group Q&A Sessions
  • 6 months of Community Access

*Add-on available for in-person support*

*1:1 coaching requires a 6-month commitment*

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What's inside the program?

Expert Guidance.

We will walk you through how to:

  • uncover your discouraging beliefs and the exact actions that will help you break free.
  • take insights from your stuff to infuse your unique qualities into your business tasks.
  • design an environment that will make it easier to take action on stalled tasks.
  • create a framework for managing your peace of mind, discipline, time and money.
  • re-allocate misaligned uses of time or money to support your business goals.

With 12 months of unlimited access, you'll be be empowered  to confidently continue your journey.

Support and Accountability.

Inside the course, you'll also get private community access. Inside the community you'll  have the opportunity to participate in monthly strategy sessions that will help you brainstorm and create an action plan for your specific business needs.


What could you achieve?

"I created funds to establish my business."

Before working with Jessica I was struggling with the ability to build my savings account. During our time together, I learned why so much of my income was given to shopping, eating out and frivolous spending. Jessica set me on a path to save $10,000 within one year. On top of saving $10K, I was able to create the funds I need to establish my in-home baking business.
~ Debbie

"I found the confidence to return to what I love"

Before working with Jessica, I was struggling to find the confidence to return to what I loved deep down inside. After working with Jessica, I gained more clarity around my goals and how my short term actions were misaligned with my vision. The best part of working with her was the relief of anxiety. In addition to finding the confidence to return to what I loved, I also met incredible people I now work alongside, learned to be patient with myself, and reallocated funds towards my dreams to generate additional income.

- Sylvester

"I have created a space that reflects who I am in this moment."

Before working with Jessica I was struggling with clutter in my space that was hindering my mental clarity. I already had tried the KonMari method to reduce material clutter in some spaces. During my time with Jessica, I uncovered the meaning behind my clutter and I learned about my patterns and how to avoid them in the future. What I loved most is that my space brings me so much joy, and the items in my spaces are placed with intentionality and purpose. On top of that, I've also saved money from not purchasing things I do not need, and I have created a space that reflects who I am in this moment.

- Angela

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