Start living a fulfilling life - now, not later.

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You have a well-paying job that affords you a desirable lifestyle, but you feel stuck and overwhelmed...

How could that be?

You’ve checked all the right boxes, gained achievement after achievement and lived a life your friends and family praise you for. Yet it has left you dissatisfied and stressed.

You're stuck in an unfulfilling life.

You've spent so much time and energy being who others want you to be that you've lost yourself.

And the clutter in your life reflects that.

You're dealing with:
- a mind full of doubts

- a bank account full of unnecessary expenses

- a house full of stuff

Turns out collecting achievements and material things didn’t stop you from feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

It’s time to stop running from achievement to achievement so you can be a better you and have the fulfillment you crave deep down.

Are you ready to lead a fulfilling life? 

Introducing Designed 'N Aligned a step by step life design + clutter coaching program  helping you get radically honest about the life you lead, so you can live a the life you desire.

What’s inside?

Inside the course, you’ll leverage The FROmulaTM, to get free, get radical, and be original so you can confidently step into an authentic life with ease.

Expert Guidance.

Inside each module, we'll make the process simple and fun with bite-sized challenges! You'll be able to confidently break down the life design process into small manageable pieces so that you feel in control. 

With 7 months of unlimited access, you'll be be empowered  to confidently continue your journey.

Easy to Follow Modules.

Using our workbook, you'll identify the vision for your life and what's keeping you stuck and create action plans for breaking free.

With our tried and true method, you'll build an intentional, authentic, fulfilling life faster than you ever thought possible.

Support and Accountability.

Inside the course, you'll also get private community access. Inside our community you'll be able to connect with like-minded individuals as you move through this journey. You'll also have the ability to chat with Jessica and get your questions answered during monthly Q&A sessions and 1:1 life design planning sessions.


Honor your authentic self.


Before I worked with Jessica, I felt dissatisfied with myself because I was not conducting life to my fullest potential. Not knowing where to start fed the fear that I was carrying inside myself. I started a piece together process to focus on abundance and felt as though I had blocks preventing me from achieving it. I began using vision boards, lists, journaling, meditating and praying, but I still couldn’t find the flow. I needed the “how to”. During my time working with Jessica I was taught a way to find solutions in my personal and professional life based upon identifying and changing the [clutter] cycles I have. By figuring out how to declutter and get to who I authentically am…

~ Amanda

Build an environment aligned with who you desire to become.

"I am feeling empowered &
in control of my life."

Jessica helped me identify some goals I had and how to achieve them. For instance, I am a hobby painter but my paints and materials were spread out all over our home. After speaking with Jessica, I gathered and sorted my art supplies and bought a small secretary desk where all my supplies fit. This dedicated space for what was important to me made me realise that in order to get head space, we also need to create a dedicated physical space. By giving my hobby importance, I also gave myself permission to be creative. So, I am decluttering slowly. I am examining my relationship to things. I am questioning my purchases. I am feeling empowered and in control of my life.

"I have created a space that reflects who I am in this moment."

Before working with Jessica I was struggling with clutter in my space that was hindering my mental clarity. I already had tried the KonMari method to reduce material clutter in some spaces. During my time with Jessica, I uncovered the meaning behind my clutter and I learned about my patterns and how to avoid them in the future. What I loved most is that my space brings me so much joy, and the items in my spaces are placed with intentionality and purpose. On top of that, I've also saved money from not purchasing things I do not need, and I have created a space that reflects who I am in this moment.

- Angela

Create your life with intention.

"In just a few months, I have saved over $8,000!"

My finances elevated after I completed the Crash Course! As I was decluttering, I was able to see years of wasted money. I threw away items that did not have any value or serve a purpose in my life. I don't want to get trapped into another cycle like that ever again. I am proud to say in just a few months, I have saved over $8,000!

- Nicole

3 months later her savings had grown to $25K!


Designed 'N Aligned participants are actively creating authentic and fulfilling lives.


Join us today.

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Get what you need most
right now.

Create peace.

Get ready to clear the running to-do's and focus your energy in the right places.

Are you ready to have peace? Are you ready to let go of the doubt and relieve your stress?

Improve discipline.

To lead the life you desire, you must create guidelines that will guide you as you achieve your next goal.

Are you ready to accomplish your goals with ease even when you're not motivated?

Be intentional.

It's time to identify
what truly lights you up.

Are you ready to discover and indulge in your passions? Are you ready to lead a life abundant with what you love?

Grow confidence. 

This is your opportunity to identify what makes you feel like your best self. 

Have you been living a life based on the desires of your friends and family? Are you ready to live a life true to you?

What could you achieve?*

Re-ignite Your Passions.

Participants focused on their passions make it apart of their daily routine within 3 months.

Launch A Business.

1 out of every 2 participants launch a new stream of income in 6 months.


Lose Weight.

On average,
participants focused on weight-loss lose 29 lbs in
6 months.

Build Your Savings.

Participants focused on financial savings average $11,645 in savings in
6 months.

*Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of results.
The potential success is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques.

"I created funds to establish my business."

Before working with Jessica I was struggling with the ability to build my savings account. During our time together, I learned why so much of my income was given to shopping, eating out and frivolous spending. Jessica set me on a path to save $10,000 within one year. On top of saving $10K, I was able to create the funds I need to establish my in-home baking business.
~ Debbie

"I found the confidence to return to what I love"

Before working with Jessica, I was struggling to find the confidence to return to what I loved deep down inside. After working with Jessica, I gained more clarity around my goals and how my short term actions were misaligned with my vision. The best part of working with her was the relief of anxiety. In addition to finding the confidence to return to what I loved, I also met incredible people I now work alongside, learned to be patient with myself, and reallocated funds towards my dreams to generate additional income.

- Sylvester

Design 'N Align Your Environment


  • Self-Paced Program Access
  • Printable Decluttering Guides + Workbooks
  • 30 Days of Community Access

Design 'N Align Your Habits


  • Live 1:1 Design 'N Align Your Environment 
  • Personalized
    6-month Life Design Plan
  • 6 months of Program + Community Access
  • Monthly Q&A

*Add-on available for in-person support*

Design 'N Align Your Life


  • Live 1:1 Design 'N Align Your Environment 
  • Personalized
    12-month Life Design Plan
  • Unlimited 1:1 Coaching Sessions 
  • 12 months of Program + Community Access
  • Monthly Q&A

*Add-on available for in-person support*

Frequently asked questions. 

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"I have peace and clarity."

Before working with Jessica, I had tried decluttering on my own, but I was struggling with letting things go and deciding what things genuinely brought me use and joy. Now I'm able to let go of the things I don’t need and are taking up space in my room and my head. What I love most is having peace and clarity in my spaces. On top of that, I have a plan of how to get rid of things in a useful and purposeful way, and learning why I was holding on to such things in the first place. This makes it SO much easier to let go.


"Please take her course!"

I attended Jessica’s crash course and it was awesome. I learned so much about myself and the process of decluttering. If you are like me you want to tackle everything at once and get burned out and overwhelmed. I have too much stuff. I learned how to take it one space at a time and she even provided a workbook and resources to help once the process is finished. Pleaaasee take her course you will not be disappointed.

- Nastassia

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