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the decluttering process Mar 24, 2022

Let me take you back to Jan 2020.

 I (completely unaware of the madness to come) had to launch my coaching business at the start of the pandemic. That was scary as hell.


I walked away from a 6-figure job with a plan to go into my clients' homes to help them declutter. 2 months after I left my job, the world shut down. That made me question everything. I had to figure out how I could help someone declutter without being there to sort through things with them.


I had to build a framework.

That's when the clutter and fulfillment cycle concepts were born.

Before a client decluttered their home, they had to first learn their cycles.


When I first created these concepts, they were focused solely on your house. When you knew your clutter cycle, you knew what room to declutter and how clutter takes shape in your home. When you knew your fulfillment cycle, you know the end goal for your environment and what you needed to do to sustain a clutter-free space.


Little did I know that it would be bigger than that.


After decluttering their space, my clients went on to launch businesses, lose weight, carve out up to 6 hours a week for their hobbies and save thousands of dollars per month! Even in a pandemic.


To be honest, I didn't really understand the correlation then, but I get it now. Their cycles were never really about their home, they were about their life. Their clutter cycle was the pattern that kept them stuck - everywhere. Their fulfillment cycle was the pattern that had the power to create change - everywhere.


They weren't just learning the action that would declutter their space. They learned the action that would declutter their life.


What is the consistent pattern that is keeping you stuck?

What pattern will help you break free and step into your most fulfilling life?

That is the secret to the change you seek.

When you understand what you frequently do that keeps you stuck, then you know what you need to do to create change.


Que-so Goodbye,


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