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There are two ways you create clutter. The second one will surprise you.

identifying clutter May 14, 2022

Can I tell you one of my least favorite questions?


When people learn what I do, I frequently get asked, "What do you do when you meet a person who doesn't have clutter?"

This question irks me because it reflects our misunderstanding about what clutter truly looks like and what it means to clutter our lives.


It's not true that some people just don't have clutter. Everyone does.

Well except GOD. He's like... perfect.

Clutter isn't just mounds and mounds of stuff. It looks different for different people.


Let's start with a new perspective: you have clutter.

Now, let's consider what it looks like.


Clutter is anything that keeps us from achieving our goals. It is always related to avoidance or distraction. You clutter your life (read: distract yourself) in two ways: by overindulgence or deprivation.


  • Overindulgence looks like binge watching television, saying yes to too many commitments, overeating or frequently eating out, scrolling social media for hours after work or even travelling frequently despite your need for time and money to support other goals.
  • Deprivation looks like holding onto/doing what no longer feels right to avoid facing the emotions tied to what you need. For example, you may avoid searching for a new job even though your current job drains you, avoid purchasing items you need because you have fears about money management, or avoid setting boundaries because of how it may impact others.


As you look at your own life, you'll likely find that you do both.


I clutter my life when I am feeling inadequate.

When this feeling arises in my work, I do a mix of the following:

  • I clutter my time by binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu (sometimes shows I've already seen)
  • I clutter my time, money and kitchen by finding a reason to go out to eat by myself or with friends (even if I'm not really hungry or just bought groceries)
  • I clutter my time and office by avoiding the projects I need to focus on and overanalyzing other projects to create new unrelated action items (which leaves me feeling burnt out)
  • I clutter my time and money throwing myself into a new course or coaching program (even when I already have enough information to move forward)


When my clutter cycle is running rampant, it's hard to build the consistency I need to build a six-figure business. To achieve my goal, I've had to declutter my mind and my actions.


How are you cluttering your life?


Que-so Goodbye,


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