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How to identify what no longer serves you.

the decluttering process Apr 30, 2022


Do you know why decluttering is a part of my methodology?


Because the best way to identify how to create the life you desire is to sort through the life you lead. Decluttering helps us to quickly identify what keeps us stuck, what we're ready to let go of and how to create a life abundant with what we desire.


Whether I'm helping someone declutter their time, money, or home, the biggest question is always - how do I know what to let go?


No matter the end goals, we use the items in their home to practice the methodology before they apply it to their habits.


When I first started my coaching program, I used to have clients ask 3 questions:

  • do I love this?
  • do I need this?
  • do I use this?


Based on the room they were decluttering, we may add one additional question.


I had confused quantity with quality. Asking more questions doesn't equate to greater insights. Asking the right questions does.


I no longer have my clients ask about their loves and needs. In case you're wondering, we ask don't ask about joy either. We are not interested in asking these questions, because they are often swayed by emotion.


Here's why these questions don't work: 

  • Do I need this? - most of us don't know how to define needs. We often say "yes, I need this!" when the truth is that we just want it. What we actually use/do is more important that what we say we need.
  • Do I love this? - most of us will say yes simply because we loved it once upon a time. This question focuses too much on sentimentality, our past and our wants. This question make us feel good without actually holding us accountable for the life we lead. What we actually use/do is more important than what we say we love.
  • Do I use this? - this is good, but this question alone doesn't cut it. Just because you use something doesn't mean it deserves to be a part of your life. Haven't we all entertained people, places and stuff that didn't really deserve to be there? We need to dig a little deeper before we say yes to something just because we use it. 


So what should you ask instead?

I've whittled it down to one question: is this a reflection of my fulfillment cycle?


This question can be utilized no matter where you're decluttering. Asking this question, confirms what you TRULY require to lead a fulfilling and authentic life. No longer are you holding onto things for the sake of appearances or out of obligation to others.


What do you own that is supporting the achievement of your goals?

Take a look around and let me know.


Not sure? Let me help you.


Inside of the Clutter to Clarity workshop, I'll teach you how to identify your fulfillment cycle, so you can start removing what no longer serves you from your life. This will equip you to align your actions with your goals and create the freedom to pursue the life you desire. The workshop will re-open for enrollment on May 6th.


The investment will be $325.

Spots will be limited.


Que-so Goodbye,



P.S. Here's what a recent participant said after learning how clutter keeps us stuck - "I feel like you just threw my a lifeline so that I can grab on with both hands and stop struggling and wasting my time/energy/money on what does not move me forward in my life."


Start setting aside your coins.

Prepare to catch your lifeline ;)

To talk with us about how you can stop overdoing it and create time, money, and space for the activities and things that add meaning to your life, book a discovery call.  


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