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Responsibility creates misalignment.

Aug 29, 2022

Yes, you read that right.

 Responsibility can create misalignment in your life.


Most of my clients are moms, eldest siblings or children of divorced or young parents.

There's one pattern that we all share - we're "responsible".


We are the ones everyone is supposed to be able to depend on.

We need to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Somewhere down the line, it became our job to keep things together.

 If it's working for everyone else, then it works for us, even if we have to set our own hopes and dreams aside.


In spite of the good that has come from our responsibility, it keeps us from the life we desire.


One day we look up and we feel like the our relationships are superficial because people don't really know who we are. The majority of our expenses and time are committed to supporting and encouraging others. Personal goals we've long dreamed of accomplishing feel like selfish pursuits. The things you need to achieve your goals are hidden in drawers, stored in the garage and shoved in a corner or maybe even non-existent. Meanwhile, everyone else's stuff takes up all the space it needs.


It's time for you to take up space.

It's not working for everyone if it's not working for you too.

It is possible to create space for yourself and support the needs of others.

As a matter of fact, it's imperative.

The longer you wait to create space for yourself, the stronger your resentment will be in the long run.


If being "responsible" has left your dream(s) on the back burner, I want you to try this simple step - identify what you need to believe to create space for yourself.


Then, write down that belief every day.


Using this technique, you'll start to see the misalignment in your life that stems from responsibility. You'll realize that achieving what you want doesn't have to come at the expense of others. Finally, you'll create space for your joy and fulfillment too.


Inside of the Decluttered + Aligned program, I use this same technique to help you identify and finally remove the clutter so you can re-allocate 50% of your time to achieving your goals.


Not only will you create room, you'll learn how to sustain it.


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Que-so Goodbye,


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