Are you letting go or giving up? They are not the same.

May 02, 2022

Some of us struggle to let go of what no longer serves us in our lives because we have equated it with giving up. We have a cluttered perception of what it means to let go. We have turned it into something that is equivalent to failure.


What if we didn't do that?

Letting go is the success.

Letting go gives you the ability to choose.


You're not likely to let go of what you love.

You will let go of what you tolerate.


The idea that letting go means you are giving up, failing or have lost some battle is untrue.


By letting go, you are taking back your power.

By letting go you are stepping into your own definition of success.

By letting go you are winning the battle of tolerance vs. fulfillment.


What have you been afraid to let go of because you feared it was a reflection of giving up?


Que-so Goodbye,


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