Brittany's 30 Day Savings

Apr 18, 2022

I often talk with clients who believe that the key to achieving their savings goal is making more money. The reality is making more money will only move the needle in small increments, what is more impactful is letting go of the expenses that no longer serve you.


In 30 days, my client, Brittany, saved 36% of her monthly income in 30 days. After our time together, she shared, I've never saved that much money that fast in my life.


She did it by following the FROmula methodology.


Here's how it works:


1. She defined the vision for her life. This defined the focus and direction of our sessions.


2. She identified her clutter cycle - the pattern of belief, emotion and behavior that was keeping her stuck. This connected the dots between her mental clutter and why's she's feeling stuck as she pursues her savings goal.


3. She honed in on how this cycle impacted her environment and habits. She learned that waking up and beginning her days in a cluttered space led to daily trips to Chick-fil-A and spending to avoid short-term emotional discomfort.


4. She decluttered her expenses and created a budget to align them with her desires. She found almost $700 a month that could be re-allocated to her goals.


Then in just 30 days, she knocked it out of the park and saved $1000. That's more than $300 over the figure she planned.


She also paid off $800 in debt.


With this framework, she'll confidently grow her savings so she can step into entrepreneurship full-time. This is what can happen when you identify what’s right for you and let go of everything that’s weighing you down.


What could we create together?


If you’ve had a desire to launch a business or remove the overwhelm of juggling life + business but found yourself stuck thinking about the expectations of others or feeling guilty for creating space for yourself, let’s jump on a call to talk about what it takes to break free from obligation and align your life and desires.

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