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The impact of decluttering your closet.

Feb 18, 2023

Decluttering your closet is going to help you show up boldly in your business and in your life.


As your business and life have continued to grow, the weight you carry is increasing.

You have a team, you support a family, and your clients are constantly watching you and learning from you.

That brings a certain level of responsibility.

And with it, a certain level of fear.


When you first started your business, you were big, bold and loud. That unapologetic authenticity caused people to gravitate towards you.

There's a part of you that wants to get back to being your biggest, boldest and most authentic self but with more responsibility, you don't feel you can be quite so spicy.

DECLUTTERED will change that.


If this is the position you find yourself in, we will declutter your closet.


Not only will you show up more authentically, but you will also build better boundaries.

You will be confident about what you want and what it takes to achieve it.

You will find comfort in doing what feels right for you even if it means letting others down.

You will no longer allow your business to steal time from your friends, family and self care.


Inside of the DECLUTTERED program, we will declutter your closet if showing up boldly and more authentically is the key success in your upcoming launch and your life. With more confidence, you will show up boldly as you scale your business and create 20 hours per week for your relationships and self-care.


To work with me 1:1 to declutter your closet, join the waitlist here.


In just one weekend, we will complete the entire decluttering process in your closet.


When we're done, you will:

  • be inspired to be bold once again
  • identify what you wear that boosts your authenticity
  • lead with a newfound confidence
  • feel more comfortable being in your own skin - even if you desire to lose weight
  • see a difference in your confidence in just 7 days.


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To talk with us about how you can stop overdoing it and create time, money, and space for the activities and things that add meaning to your life, book a discovery call.  


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Overachievers over do everything. 

They overthink, overindulge, and overcommit. Their habits have brough them success, but they also find themselves, overworked, overweight and overwhelmed. 

It's time to stop overdoing everything and instead live a successful and fulfilling life where you feel comfortable saying no, creating boundaries around your time, and prioritizing what you desire to create with your life.

Inside of the Launch Your Lifestyle program, we'll teach you how to stop overdoing everything so you can create routines that makes time for your relationships, health, passions, and self-care.

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