This is how decluttering will help you save thousands.

Jul 29, 2022

On average, my clients save $9,756 in 6 months.

Over 12 months, that number increases to $17,327.50.


It doesn't matter if we declutter their house or their money, they always see a change in their finances.


The highest reported savings is $25,000 in 6 months.

That client simply decluttered her bedroom.


How does decluttering help a person build sustainable money habits?


First, decluttering creates space.

Getting a raise is not the answer. Until you identify what does and does not serve you, there will never be enough room for you to fund your goals.


Second, decluttering will illuminate what you really want.

Everybody thinks decluttering is about the clutter. The truth is, it's actually about what you keep. With clarity about what they really want, my clients stop spending money to keep up appearances and start spending it intentionally.


Third, decluttering clarifies your habits - good and bad.

What environments trigger your bad money habits?
Without an understanding of what triggers your habits, you will continually find yourself spending your money in ways that don't support your goals. When you declutter you'll get the answer to this question and learn how to create an environment that will trigger good habits.


Fourth, decluttering allows you to build a tool to support good habits.

Just having a budget isn't enough. Managing your money isn't just about knowing where to spend your money. It's about making it easy to spend it in ways that are aligned with your goals. When you declutter, you can build a tool that helps you sustain better habits.


Inside of the Decluttered + Aligned program, I'll teach you how to declutter so you can re-allocate 50% of your time to the achievement of your goals.


Click here to see what you could achieve.


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