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Why do we declutter the closet?

the decluttering process May 31, 2022

Over the last 2 weeks, clients inside the Designed 'N Aligned program have been working on decluttering their closets. In this blog, I'm sharing before and after photos, top insights and how the winners will maintain their newly decluttered space!

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Let's start with why we declutter the closet and how it will impact our habits.

The closet is tied to our self-perception/image. It reflects back our beliefs about our best selves. Our goal in the closet is to identify who we desire to be in this phase of our lives and build an environment that is reflective of that.

In doing so, we will make a habit of choosing what allows us to thrive. This begins with our clothing, but over time, this habit will extend into the thoughts we choose, our expense of time and money, the relationships we allow and the work we choose to participate in. This change in our habits will support us as we make space for goals of launching a business, hitting new revenue goals and creating more time for hobbies and family.


In this challenge, we identified decluttering this environment would create space for the following beliefs:

- I am enough.

- I can invest in looking and feeling my best.

- I have the time and energy to do the activities that I love.


Here's a look at our before and after photos.

Top (before), Bottom(After)


Top (before), Bottom (After)





Inside of Designed 'N Aligned, we focus on what the stuff can tell us to re-shape our thoughts and our actions. From this challenge, clients shared the following insights:


"I always felt envious when I saw images of other people’s tidy closets and spaces as I thought I wouldn’t be able to cut down on things myself. But the process made it so easy and actually fun! I’ve also somehow managed to let go of the guilt I used to feel about having spent money on things I’m not wearing. This is really huge for me! I’m seeing things I’ve let go of as lessons and grateful I get to pass them along to someone who may appreciate them more."


"Thank you @Jessica! It feels good, it feels more open now that I've taken more stuff out to showcase and I feel more excited about some stuff I had forgotten about! "


"When I was in the van and just beginning my business, money was tight and every penny counted. Choosing to hold on to these clothes instead of buying what fits my current lifestyle has perpetuated fears around not having enough money. On top of that I have struggled to let go of the "van life dream" because our trip ended before I was ready. I think a part of me thought keeping the clothes meant I could jump back in. That perpetuates a thought that my best moments have passed. I don't desire to be someone who carries these beliefs. By letting go, I am creating space for new beliefs about the availability of money and the greatness that lies ahead."


For those that completed the challenge, the prize is a personalized look book that they can use as they prepare to finalize their wardrobe and their style.

Utilizing this guide will help them to keep clutter at bay and reinforce the habit of choosing what allows them to thrive. A snippet of my look book is shared below.



What could decluttering do for you?

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