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Do less, get more.

identifying clutter May 15, 2018

Are you constantly ripping and running? Is your mind constantly racing?

What do you do to slow things down?

Below, I’ve listed 5 steps I’m taking to get more done while doing less.

Do less – something's got to give. You can have it all, but do you have to have it at this moment? That is something that I am constantly pondering. There are so many ideas that I have for the blog and my business. But do I have to start working on it today? This week? Or even this year? Is there something more pressing that needs my time and attention?

Make a list of goals you want to accomplish and then prioritize them. What needs to be completed in the next 6 months? What can wait til next year? What is at least 3 or more years away?

Focus on your most immediate goals first, then begin chipping away at future endeavors as you go.

Be intentional with time – In addition to those big goals, there are also many tactical tasks you will complete. Of the things on your to do list, what must you do today? What can wait til tomorrow? When will you take a break? Gaining clarity around this can help tremendously with balance.

Instead of trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, decide what is most important in the moment and focus solely on that. You will likely find that this task is completed more efficiently. You may also end up with additional time for other tasks to be completed.

What steps can you take each day to be more intentional and efficient?

Declutter – not just your stuff, but also your calendar and your mind. Once you’ve narrowed down what you should be working towards, create space and time for those things. Your time should be allocated to your priorities first.

In my life, excessive social outings often get in the way. I want to have fun, but not with any and every one doing any and every thing. I want to spend time with close friends, my parents and the like-minded individuals I’ve been seeking out. I’m learning to say no to what doesn’t have a positive impact on the goals I’ve already set forth.

Stick with it – I know, this is easier said than done, but we have to keep working at it. What would help you keep up? A planner, an accountability partner, a calendar app?

For me, it’s important that I have an app that helps me manage my calendar and tasks and reminds me of what is upcoming. How will you make your plan concrete and stay on track?

Lastly, remind yourself that you’re doing just fine – In the midst of it all, even with these changes, you’re bound to feel like something slipped through the cracks or could have been done better. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean you’re failing. When things become overwhelming, take a deep breath, remind yourself that you’re capable and then get back to regularly scheduled programming.


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