I hate change.

jessica's journey Feb 17, 2019

Before minimalism, I didn’t know that I was searching for stability. I didn’t realize that so much of my stress was coming from an overwhelming desire for consistency and balance.

My relationship with change made that crystal clear.

After de-cluttering my apartment – removing the excess chairs, glasses, silverware, souvenirs and other knick knacks – I found there was this constant lingering of anxiousness. I didn’t realize the power of change until I finally collected and removed everything.

I hated how it made things seem out of place – always hiding in drawers, on the floor, in my car, under seats, and in places where other things were meant to be stored.

I hated how it made the silence seem so loud – sliding back and forth across the dash as I drive in the car.

I hated how it made me feel alone.  Often while I was out in public – at the mall or the grocery store – scrambling to pick it up off the floor.

I just hate change.

Pennies, quarters, nickels and dimes that is.

When I finally decided to move out and go back home to live with my Dad, I put an end to the change. In total, I got back $53 in cash. It wasn’t much, but the feeling of relief was priceless. Knowing that there are no longer mounds of change I have to handle, manage or consider brings me peace. And more importantly, I feel content.

So what's your “change”?

Is it that bag of clothes you’ve been procrastinating on donating? Is it the laundry that sits on the chair longer than needed? Is it the junk mail or the receipts you’re on the fence about throwing away?

Identify it and let it go.

Que-so Goodbye, 


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