I’m a minimalist!

jessica's journey Aug 21, 2017

Well, not yet, but I will be.

I’ve recently taken on a 21 day minimalism challenge.

In case you’re not familiar with minimalism, here’s how The Minimalists describe it:

“Minimalism is a freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”

In essence, minimalism removes all the clutter and things that don’t serve you so that you can focus on and make room for what does.

I started this blog as a journal that would depict my “quarter-life comeback”, but until now, I wasn’t really sure where and how to begin. All I knew was that I need clarity in my life. This challenge allows me to do just that by stripping away all of the things that don’t matter and don’t get me closer to my goals.

Here’s an outline of my 21 day challenge:

Day 1 – Make a Decision
Day 2 – Plan
Day 3 – Test out your new minimalist glasses
Day 4 – Tackling the kitchen
Day 5 – Cleaning out the closet
Day 6 – House raid 1
Day 7 – Learning to let go
Day 8 – Journaling; Finding your own minimalism
Day 9 –  Digital declutter
Day 10 – Simplify your diet
Day 11 – Honing in on life goals
Day 12 – House Raid 2
Day 13 – Soul searching
Day 14 – Time commitments
Day 15 – Your car
Day 16 – The house
Day 17 – Minimalist shopping habits
Day 18 –  Collect moments not things
Day 19 – Work and finances
Day 20 – Repurposing your time
Day 21 – Tips and tricks for moving forward

Read more about this journey and what I’ve learned by clicking here!

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