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Less covering. More confidence.

crafting a life you love Apr 07, 2019

The society we live in is kinda superficial…

We focus on “first impressions”…

We show concern around how often we wear the same outfit on social media.

We always want to be on top of the latest trends.

We are constantly living in a state of self-doubt.

Everyday I scroll through my Instagram feed and swipe through stories of friends, acquaintances and strangers who all appear to be hiding.

We are obsessed with:

  • Getting our brows just right
  • Covering up our pimples, bags, and other flaws to keep others from seeing us as less than perfect.
  • Shaving our faces (because heaven forbid we have hair anywhere)
  • Finding our angles in an effort to hide what we perceive as fat
  • Pretending to have fun with our friends in hopes of entertaining others
  • Flaunting hair, nails and other features that aren’t even our own.

If all of this is stripped away, how many of us can say we love ourselves anyway?

A funny thing happened when I paired down my clothing – I started thinking more about who I am and less about who I could appear to be. I stopped freaking out about wearing the same outfits multiple weeks in a row or posting outfits my followers have seen before.

This year I’m taking things a step further. 

I’m working on:

  1. Wearing less makeup.
  2. Wearing my natural hair – no wigs or weave
  3. Leaving behind feelings of self-doubt when I don’t appear to be “put together”
  4. Focusing on what I love about my body
  5. Finding comfort in what I bring to the table.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t care about how we look, but what if we spent less time worried about covering up our appearance and more time embracing the beauty we already possess?


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