Less Guilt.

jessica's journey Jul 13, 2018

After completing the process of decluttering my closet, I feel relieved.

I am relieved because I no longer have to walk into a closet full of clothing that doesn’t fit me.

I am relieved because I don’t feel bound by what’s trendy.

I am relieved because I no longer have buyer’s remorse.

I am relieved because I finally get to love myself.

It’s interesting that I had to go through this process to finally learn to be comfortable in my own skin. Before practicing decluttering, I was clinging to clothes that didn’t fit even though they were uncomfortable and irritated my skin. I was also beating myself up because I was overweight and failing to make my health a priority. And all too often, I was hoping to be someone else.

Facing myself in the mirror as I tried on or examined every single piece of clothing I owned, forced me to face these facts. Now, rather than focusing on what I haven’t completed, achieved or fixed, I’m focused on taking actionable steps to be the person I’ve been dreaming of.

Cleaning out the closet was a part of that. It allowed me to find comfort in where I stand today as I build the life I’ve been dreaming of.

What could it do for you?

 Que-so goodbye,


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