Listening to your parents is keeping you stuck.

Sep 05, 2022


Inside the mind of every high-achiever are the voices of parents they wanted to make proud.


High-achievers have an interesting dynamic with their parents. They have always done what their parents said because it's paid off.


Their parents told them to apply for that job/scholarship/amazing opportunity and they got it.


Their parents told them to pursue some hobby and they loved it.


When it's time to pursue the life they really desire, they hear their parents saying "be safe".


They're listening, but now, it's cluttering their life.


I'll be the first to tell you - your parents are still right.


When I told my parents I wanted to leave my six-figure job to live out of a van so I could focus on building a business, it did not go well. My mother seemed on the verge of tears and both parents encouraged me to stay and wait for the business to grow. I made a comical re-enactment you can watch here.


They wanted to keep me safe because they knew the mental, emotional, and financial hardship I would endure.


I left, did what I wanted and learned they were right.


I also learned how strong, powerful, and capable I truly was. I starting learning how to trust my instincts and find value in my unique strengths. I developed the outlet that supports my purpose in this world.


I am so proud of who I have become through this journey I wouldn't change it for anything.


Following your own path will be hard.

It will likely go against what your parents said and it will be worth it.


If right now, you're struggling because every time you think about pursuing your ideas, you hear your parents in the back of your head - thank them for all the times they kept you safe, then, do it anyway.


It's time to find comfort being obedient to your own voice.


Que-so Goodbye,


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