Minimalism: Starting Out

jessica's journey Aug 21, 2017

For my minimalist journey, I used Ingram Lindberg’s “The 21 Day Minimalism Challenge”, but there are many ways that you can begin your minimalist process. I enjoyed this book because it moved past the removal of things and leads you to examine the triggers for your habits.

Getting started is simple, just decide this is what you want.

Decide that you are committed to changing your life for the better and don’t allow yourself to make any excuses.

After that, make a plan.

Consider the following:

  1. When should I start?
  2. What will I do with the things I give away?
  3. How will I track my progress?
  4. Where will I jot down my thoughts?

Although the challenge that I used was intended to be completed in 21 days, I took me much longer than that. The great thing about minimalism is that it looks different to everyone. I would recommend setting an end date for the decluttering process, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that some rooms take longer than others. Cleaning out my living room took just a few hours, but it took me several weekends to clean the rest of my house.

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Until next time, que-so goodbye!

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