One thought is keeping you stuck.

Oct 08, 2022

A lot of my clients come to me confused about what it takes to align their time with their goals.


They know that it's possible, but they often wonder if they're missing what it takes.


They have already gone to therapy to learn strategies for managing their emotions.

They have already decluttered or organized their space to create a more inviting environment.

They have already read a ton of self-help books and listened to hours of podcasts filled with information that will support their goals.


Yet, for some reason, there is still a block.


What they learn is that the block is not tied to their actions, it's tied to their mindset.


They want change and they try to create change, but they don't believe they can have change.


This results in taking action that is misaligned - aka doing what keeps them stuck despite the desire for something different.


We call this your clutter cycle.


Your clutter cycle is a straight-forward depiction of how your thinking or beliefs are cluttering your use of time and money and your home.


Lets look at an example:


A current client of mine had the following belief about launching a business: "I'm not capable of doing this".


As she attempted to make posts for social media and carve out time to develop her course this thought often crept up in her mind.


When she had this thought, she often felt paralyzed, which led to procrastination.


To procrastinate should would often watch television, surf the internet, waste time, or see if someone else needed her instead.


She had the information she needed to make progress, but instead, she often found herself falling into this cycle.


By understanding her clutter cycle, she now has the ability to:


1. Recognize the belief that leads her to sabotage her own success

2. Identify when her cycle is running the show

3. Focus her effort on the beliefs and actions that will actually help her achieve her goal.


Today she is enrolled in a course creation program, dedicates an average of 3 hours per week to her business and rarely watches television.


Her course will launch this December.


What's your clutter cycle?

How is it keeping you stuck?


Que-so Goodbye,


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