Our lives are cluttered because our thinking is cluttered.

jessica's journey Sep 12, 2022


Recently, I've been having conversations with clients and focusing in on the words they use and how their thinking is cluttering their life.


A past client recently updated me on her life progress and shared that she is letting go of being responsible. As we talked more, we realized, it's not that she has to let go of being responsible, but rather she must let go of how she has defined "responsible" and what she chooses to be responsible for.


Decluttering the way she thinks will shift the way she acts creating more space for what she truly wants.


As I was thinking about this idea of cluttered thinking, I started thinking about my own life.

What do I do that doesn't serve me because my thinking is cluttered?

That lead me to my own perception around taking care of myself.


Taking care of myself has often meant repeating a pattern that no longer serves me.

- Often times I've taken care of myself by trying to escape. This looks like eating too much, working too much, taking on too many responsibilities, watching too much television, or spending money extravagantly.

- Taking care of myself has often looked like just finding a way to get by, get through, and push forward.

- Taking care of myself has been something I do only when I'm burnt out.



Equating escapism with caring for myself has not served me. 

I'm letting go of this cluttered way of thinking.

I want my care to be intentional, thoughtful, and filled with love.

That means learning how to manage my emotions without losing myself in food, tv or work.

That means learning how to speak up for myself so my emotions don't bottle up inside.


That former way of showing up no longer serves me.

It's clutter.


How has your thinking cluttered the way you show up?

How can this help you identify what no longer serves you?


Que-so Goodbye, 


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