Put that phone down.

identifying clutter Mar 23, 2018

But suddenly that bright blue
Is glowing in this dark room
You turn away like I’m not here at all

I’m a 90’s kid through and through.

I arrived here in the early 90’s. ’91 to be exact.

I remember floppy disks, cd-roms, aol dial-up, home phones, VHS, answering machines, PDA’s, cell phones without apps and life without constant distraction and stimulation.

I would say that those of us born before the 2000’s are the last of a dying breed, but sometimes the lack of conversation and concentration exhibited by generations older than my own gives me pause.

Does anyone remember what it’s like to be bored?

Does anyone remember silence?

Does anyone remember how to converse?

Does anyone remember living?

I finally feel like I’m getting back to just being – being human, being bored, being creative, being happy, being me.

Remember when we could just be?

When was the last time you stepped out of the matrix?

Why don’t you put that f*cking phone down?
Darling, so we could be alone now.

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