Remove these two words from your vocabulary

crafting a life you love Mar 25, 2022

There are two words keeping you from the life you want to create: should and could.

Should focuses on what other people want for you - a surefire why to create frustration.

Could allows opportunities that are misaligned with the life you want to create - a surefire way to be overwhelmed.

You absolutely could go back to school and leverage that education to command greater respect...

You could keep applying for new jobs and opportunities that will pay more and potentially help you pay off your debt...

You could keep all the stuff in your house for the one day you might need it...

...and while you're pursuing all of the "coulds", you're actually overcommitted, overworked, and overwhelmed. All the while, rather than actually making progress on your goals, you're procrastinating, burnt out and seeking relief by binge-watching food & television and scrolling through social.


Listen - there's a million ways to skin a cat*.

Are you going to try to make your way through them all?

Or are you ready do the thing you really want to do?

It's time to get clear on what "will" support the life you desire so you can finally let all the "coulds" go.


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Que-so Goodbye,


*No cats were harmed in the writing of this blog.

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