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jessica's journey Jun 12, 2018

Nothing triggers people more than finding out that I do not own a television. They believe that somehow leads me to be “unplugged”.

They ask questions like:

  • “How do you watch Hulu and Netflix?”
  • “What do you do for fun?”
  • “Don’t you feel out of the loop?”

In response I ask:

  • “What about your goals?”
  • “Is your television helping with that?”
  • “Don’t you feel secluded?”
  • “Don’t you feel like there’s a whole world you’ve yet to see or experience?”

Part of me understands.

I used to be in their shoes, wondering how I would fill the time if not with the television. The other part of me, however, I’m so far down this rabbit hole that I can barely empathize because I now realize just how ludicrous that sounds.

6 months after handing off my television, I’m still here and I’m still keeping up.

Last I checked, Trump still can’t sit with us, there was another mass shooting, we’re still defining our lives with Drake lyrics and MTV still doesnt play music videos.

In other words, ain’t nothing changed but the rent.

The television has become so ingrained in our everyday that we truly cant even fathom life without it. What if, just for a little while, we changed what we were worried about being plugged in to? What if we invested our time in our friends, family, hobbies, and goals the way we invest time in being plugged into the tube?

How would your life be different if you were just a little more unplugged?

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