What does it really take to declutter?

Jun 24, 2022

Today, let's talk about what it really means to declutter.


Decluttering doesn't begin and end with sorting and tossing out your stuff.


It's an ongoing practice.


When done properly, this practice allows you to identify what often keeps you from achieving your goals.

Inside of my program, I coach high-achievers as they declutter their environment to support new habits.


It begins with understanding when you create clutter.


The high-achiever creates clutter when:

  • they feel uncomfortable attempting to be a human being, not a human doing
  • they feel insecure as they are attempting to express themselves in a way people in their lives haven't seen from them before
  • they feel inadequate as they are pursuing something they deeply, truly care about.


Once you understand that, you must understand how you create clutter.


Most high-achievers create clutter in phenomenal ways.


Most commonly, they:

  • build fabulous lives - complete with travel, instagrammable brunches and luxury apartments, clothes and more.
  • build work histories that would blow the socks off of the average person's resume
  • build businesses that rapidly achieve success and notoriety


The kicker is they didn't do it because they really wanted to.

They did is because they felt it was expected.


Finally, you must clear the clutter.

For the high-achiever, clutter isn't just the stuff they never use. It isn't just junk or trash. It is what they are actively pursuing that might be good, but isn't good for them.


The high-achiever most often struggles with how to choose between what is right or best for them and what they've always known.

That means, they often do what they believe is expected - by their parents, friends, job or industry. Whatever that is, it is not always what they desire for for themselves.


The high-achiever doesn't declutter to clean up a mess, the high-achiever declutters to create space for a new habit - choosing what allows them to thrive.


Are you a high-achiever who's ready to choose the life you desire?

If so, I encourage you to apply for the Designed 'N Aligned program. In our application call, we'll discuss your goals, what's been keeping you stuck and what it will take to break free. If you're a good fit for the DNA program, you'll be offered the opportunity to join.


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