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What's your cluttered action?

May 07, 2022

Do you know your cluttered action?


I often find that when someone hears this term, they think it references how they create a mess in their home. While it can impact your home, your cluttered action is actually a reflection of how you fill your life that moves you further from your goals. It can impact any aspect of your life.


Let me show you what I mean:


For one client, her goal is to leave her 9to5.


Her cluttered action is to retract.


When her cluttered action arises, she finds herself avoiding income-producing actions. This includes not posting about her business on social media, not following-up with potential partners, not follow up with customers for additional sales.


It's the perfect recipe for remaining stagnant in her business.


For another client, the goal is to create a space mentally and emotionally where he can focus on healing.


His cluttered action is to put himself in scenarios he doesn't agree with.


This leads him to overeat and overspend on food, travel to avoid the issue, hide his true self in relationships, accept additional action items and work than he can manage.


It's the perfect recipe for distracting himself from his desired goal.


For a different client, the goal is to create the time to give attention to each aspect of her life without feeling guilty.


Her cluttered action is to shut down, acquire more, or double down.


This means that even though she has things to address, she is blocking everything out by watching television, stress eating, sleeping, shopping and diving deeper into what's not working rather than creating a change.


It's the perfect recipe for maintaining overwhelm.


By understanding what they often do that is keeping them from the life they desire to create, they can identify how to align their actions with their goals.

Within days (or even hours), they can start making a difference in their life and start doing what it takes to achieve their goals.


What do you desire to create with your life?

How is your cluttered action keeping you from that? 


Que-so Goodbye,



P.S. Since she completed the workshop, client #1 has already started making progress by creating a weekly social media series for her business. She implemented this change just 5 days after completing the workshop.


You could start creating change by next weekend. 

To talk with us about how you can stop overdoing it and create time, money, and space for the activities and things that add meaning to your life, book a discovery call.  


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