Where to start decluttering?

the decluttering process Aug 13, 2022

Most people start their decluttering projects in the room they are frustrated by the most.


I totally get that.


The thinking is that if they could tackle this one room, they could tackle anything. Not only that, but once that room is complete, they will be so relieved.


These things can be true, but they're really only helpful if you just want to clean your house.
However, to change your life we have to look at decluttering differently.


Every room in your home is tied to a different facet of goal achievement.

Your decluttering will be most impactful when you identify what is keeping you stuck and select the room tied to that.


Is it discipline, clarity, confidence, time/money management or inaction that is keeping you stuck?


When you identify which of these is keeping you from your goals, then your decluttering will change your life.


Let me give you the game.


Struggling with discipline? Start in your kitchen

Struggling with clarity? Start in your bedroom

Struggling with confidence? Start in your closet

Struggling with time/money management? Start in your office/workspace

Struggling to take action? Start in your living room


Where will you start?


Que-so Goodbye,


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