Why we get stuck.

crafting a life you love Feb 11, 2022

Can I tell you the most common reason we get stuck in less than fulfilling lives?

Lack of vision.

Lack of vision can look like:

  1. Having no vision for the life we want.

  2. Pursuing ideas that are misaligned with the life we desire to create.

 Today let’s just talk about the misaligned ideas and how they keep us stuck.

 In my own journey I struggled with from the very beginning.

  • I was actively trying to rise up in the ranks of corporate America.

  • I was constantly going back and forth about getting my masters degree.

  • I was actively maxing out my 401(k).

  • I was drafting plans to get a loan on a condo or traditional home.

 None of that made sense.

All of those actions were tied to goals based completely on what I thought was expected of me.

 When I sat down and started thinking about the kind of life I wanted, I realized that those ideas didn’t align.

  • I want to live a life where I can travel and have the freedom to move around as often as I please. Taking out a 30 year mortgage didn't make sense for that.

  • I want to live a life where I could road school or homeschool my children. Giving my all to rise up in corporate America just to fight for the right to spend time with my kids just didn’t line up.

  • I desired to be an entrepreneur. Going to get a masters degree so I could get promoted at work didn't make sense either.

If we don't define the vision for our lives, we will fill our lives with goals someone else told us are important. To build the lives we really, really want, we have to clarify the vision.

Where are you going?

What actions are aligned?

 Que-so Goodbye,


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