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Why your planner and to-do list don't matter.

Aug 31, 2023

If you're always buying a new planner or trying to get more done on your to-do list, this video is for you.


In this live video replay, we chat about why your planner and to-do list don't matter when it comes to managing your time effectively.

We discuss:

  1. Why your planner and to-do list don't really matter
  2. What actually matters
  3. How decluttering can help you use what matters to use your time effectively 

Check out the video replay above from Instagram. If you're not already, be sure to follow Nacho Average Fro on Instagram to join live every Thursday at 7pm CST.

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Overachievers over do everything. 

They overthink, overindulge, and overcommit. Their habits have brough them success, but they also find themselves, overworked, overweight and overwhelmed. 

It's time to stop overdoing everything and instead live a successful and fulfilling life where you feel comfortable saying no, creating boundaries around your time, and prioritizing what you desire to create with your life.

Inside of the Launch Your Lifestyle program, we'll teach you how to stop overdoing everything so you can create routines that makes time for your relationships, health, passions, and self-care.

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