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identifying clutter Mar 11, 2022

Most people can tell me what's going wrong in their life, but they don't know why. As a result, they're like kids who don't wanna eat their vegetables - just scooting the problems in their life around in hopes that one day they can get up from the dinner table.

They say things like:

- "I mute myself and I'm exploding inside."

- "I'm being who I believe others want me to be by achieving what impresses them."

- "I feel tied down in a life that is lonely and unfulfilling"

- "I keep leaving the door open for myself to someday go after what I want."

- "I'm not dressing how I desire to and wearing clothes that don't feel like me."

- "I keep saving more and more money out of fear that I might lose everything"

It's not the frustration that should be the focus, it's awareness about why it's happening. That's what's keeps us stuck. When you don't know the why, you don't know how to intentionally create change. Trying out different solutions without knowing the problem is like trying to bandage a paper cut with a cast.

For one aspiring entrepreneur in particular, it turned out this pattern was keeping him stuck:

He often thought: I'm scared to take risks because I'm afraid of losing everything I've built. What if what I really want does not work out?

This made him feel: Fear

As a result he: put more effort into goals/opportunities that are comfortable instead of going after what he wants.

This pattern was the why behind his frustration. It was also the very thing tying up his ability to create change. To create space to build the life he desires, he needs to break the cycle. This will require him to start exploring what he wants and testing his cluttered belief system. By gaining positive experiences, he can stop living in fear of failure and start being open to the prospect of being successful and fulfilled.

When asked, "how would your life change by breaking free?", he shared - I would be happier, full of life and living authentically.

What would happen if you break free?

If you’ve had a desire to curate your life but perfectionism or fear of failure got in the way, let’s jump on a 20 min. call to talk about what it takes to step into your desired life.

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