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You're the priority. Period.

Aug 15, 2022

There's a commonality that many of my clients share.

Many of them believe that their desires come last.

This belief trickles into everything - even the way they spend their money.


The other day, I was reading an article about money and it reminded me of what my life looked like with this cluttered way of thinking. The article gave some typical advice about how to categorize your money and at the very end it detailed how you should prioritize budgeting your money.


The list read as follows:

Priority No. 1 is a starter emergency fund.

Priority No. 2 is getting the employer match on your 401(k).

Priority No. 3 is toxic debt.

Priority No. 4 is, again, saving for retirement.

Priority No. 5 is, again, your emergency fund.

Priority No. 6 is debt repayment.

Priority No. 7 is you.


When I read that I had to do a double-take.

I am the last priority? I think not.


(Also, how can a person have 7 priorities?)


Articles like this are why I created my coaching program. So many of us are re-enforcing this cluttered thinking by building a life that reflects that we are the last priority. Our life becomes a vessel for fulfilling the needs or dreams of others hoping that when we're done, there'll be room left for what we want.


When I look at this list, I see the advice the old me would have taken.

I had an emergency fund that was steadily growing meanwhile I was only paying the bare minimum on my debt.

I was maxing our my 401K contributions, meanwhile I was only paying the bare minimum on my debt.

I was focused on retirement, savings and paying debt, meanwhile the life I wanted to create was on hold.

That's what happens when you're priority #7.


When I decluttered to prioritize myself, everything changed.


In 3 years, I funneled $95,421 into my debt payoff, startup costs for my business, 2 conferences, travel around the world, cash payment for the van build out and my jump from corporate America to entrepreneurship.


You are at the center of everything.


What would you invest in now if your desires were first, not last?

Give it some thought and take the first step this weekend.


When you're ready to make it a lifestyle, check out the Decluttered + Aligned program. Inside of D+A you'll learn how to declutter so you achieve re-allocate 50% of your time to achieving your goals.


Que-so Goodbye,


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