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Does Clutter Really Matter?

identifying clutter May 28, 2022

This week I've been sharing details from my decluttering challenge inside the Designed 'N Aligned program.


In my last email I shared why we may create clutter on purpose, despite our good intentions. If you missed it, check it out here.


Today, I want to illustrate how clutter keeps us from our goals.


One of my favorite life coaches, Rich Litvin, has a quote, that sums up the power of your environment. He says, "You create your environment, then your environment creates you".


In my last email, I shared with you that during this challenge, I decluttered clothes from my "van life" journey. This was wayyyyy overdue since I haven't lived out of a van since Jan. 2021.

(If you're wondering, I now live out of AirBnB's).


Why does it matter?

Why should you care if you've been holding on to clothes that no longer fit your lifestyle?


I'll tell you.


Remember that the closet is a reflection of what we believe about our best selves.

To paraphrase Rich's quote - you build a closet that reflects your best self, then your closet creates your best self.


By holding onto to items that no longer fit us (both in body and in lifestyle), we don't have the space to be our best self. Not only that, we reinforce beliefs that this self is somewhere in the past or maybe in the future.


With clothes from my van life journey filling my very small Ikea packing cube, I didn't have room for the clothes that make me feel good about who I am today. Maintaining these clothes for the last year and a half kept me looking backwards. I fed the belief that that I was cooler, more exciting and more interesting when I was living out of the van. I avoided doing things that I loved. I avoided sharing my insights and stories because they felt less valuable.


My environment created someone who believed their best self was in the past.

That belief would never help me reach my number one goal - growing the revenue in my business.


You create your environment, then your environment creates you.

Who is your environment creating?

Is that who you desire to be?


Inside of Designed 'N Aligned, I'll help you build an environment that shapes the kind of person you desire to become. Whether you want to be skinnier, healthier, financially stable, or living a life with the freedom to invest in your hobbies, relationships and self-care, I got you. To learn more about DNA and how it can support you, apply for enrollment.


During our call, we discuss your goals, what's keeping you stuck and what it will take to break free. If you're a good fit for the program, you'll be invited to join.


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Que-so Goodbye,




P.S. Since the beginning of the year, I've been sharing more emails and insights with you. This is a testament to my decluttering practice. Earlier this year, my office showed the same pattern which helped me make a shift in how I show up in my business. That's my favorite part about decluttering. Each new environment builds upon the last and inspires you to be better!


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