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The sneaky link between habits and clutter.

identifying clutter May 26, 2022

This week, I've been sharing details from my closet decluttering challenge inside the Designed 'N Aligned program. On Monday, I shared how decluttering helps you create habits that will allow you to thrive. If you missed it, you can read it here.


Today, I want to dive deeper into the link between clutter and habits.


We are all creatures of habit.


Our habits are based on:

- What feels good and safe

- What we usually do in a situation

- What others are doing

- What is easiest


They're great! Habits allow us to put certain tasks on auto-pilot so we can use our energy to solve complex, thought-provoking problems in our lives. Here's the catch - sometimes our habits lead us to do something that no longer serves us.


In an effort to feel good and safe, we do what we've always done even when it's not supporting us to achieve our goals.


We create clutter on purpose.


We try to avoid facing our weight-gain by keeping clothes that are too small instead of buying what we need.

We hold onto clothes that too big out of fear we can't keep the weight off.

We buy way too many clothes because we need something to keep us distracted from stressors in our lives.


None of this helps with self-confidence or money saving goals, but we keep doing it.

It feels maddening, but it's actually logical.

It's keeping us safe from the emotions that arise.


As I was decluttering my closet, I was reminded that I often create clutter when I have to choose between what I desire and what I believe is expected of me.


This looks like depriving myself of what I feel I need in order to maintain the status quo.


I've been holding onto my "van life" wardrobe even though I haven't lived in a van since Jan 2021. It was a safety measure. I had told "the world" (aka instagram) about this big van life adventure that was supposed to last for at least 1 year. 6 months in, the van broke down and the trip got cut short. To avoid feeling like a failure, I held onto everything from the trip - clothes, camping gear, the van itself. I even purchased a few extra things to convince myself I'd be back on the road in no time.


I did what I always do when I'm fearful - I tried to escape by avoiding my reality.

In return, I cluttered my closet (and really, my life).


Have you created habits for safety that are not serving you?

How is that creating clutter?


Inside of the Designed 'N Aligned program, you will learn when, why and how you create clutter, how its keeping you from your goals and how to declutter your habits to achieve your number one goal.

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Que-so Goodbye,



P.S. Not ready to declutter? You can still learn how, when and why you create clutter and how its keeping you stuck in the Clutter to Clarity workshop. Click here to enroll.

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