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What's your clutter cycle?

identifying clutter the decluttering process Jun 03, 2022

Last year, I completed the certification to become a habit coach.

During my training, I learned some interesting details about how habits work, the power of your environment and how to change your habits to align with your goals.


The driver behind every habit is the habit loop.

The habit loop looks like this: activator --> behavior --> consequence --> activator.


What does this have to with clutter?


Well, two things:


1 - Your habit loop is not always supportive of your goals. It's just an unconscious response you repeat in certain scenarios. When your behaviors are cluttered, your habit loop, creates clutter.


2 - Living with this clutter re-activates cluttered behaviors leading you to repeat the same loop again, and again, and again. This is why we struggle to reach our goals.


I've written previously about how our behaviors create clutter, so in this email let's dive into #2.


Inside of the Clutter to Clarity workshop and Designed 'N aligned program, I teach the concept of the clutter cycle. It is a powerful tool that helps make a little more sense out of our lives.


It looks like this:

cluttered thought --> cluttered action --> cluttered environment --> cluttered thought.


Once you've filled it out, you'll be able to see the impact to 5 key environments in your life - your home, time, money, relationships and work. The clutter in these various aspects of our lives activate us to repeat the very behaviors we desire to change.


  • We clutter our homes and trigger thoughts that we should be living differently. As a result, we continue to build a space that feels inauthentic, paralyzing or overwhelming.
  • We clutter our calendars and bank accounts and trigger the belief that we don't have enough time or money. Then, we continue to binge watching television, stress eat, oversleep, and buy new stuff without taking stock of what we have.
  • We clutter our relationships and trigger the belief that achieving what we want comes at the expense of others. Then, we continue to avoid talking about our needs and self-sacrificing to support the needs of others.
  • We clutter our work and trigger the belief that we can't do it all. As a result, we avoid income producing actions, block out everything else, do too many things at once and focus on insignificant tasks. 


We spend months and sometimes years attempting to achieve our goals and can't understand why we haven't achieved them yet.

The clutter cycle explains why.


The clutter in our environments activate the habits we desire to change.


If you want to be healthier, more financially stable, or live a life with the freedom to invest in your hobbies, relationships and self-care, declutter. Inside of the Designed 'N Aligned (DNA) program, you'll learn your clutter cycle, how you create clutter in your environment and declutter and design your environment to build goal supporting habits. By joining DNA this summer, you'll achieve your goal by the end of the year.


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Que-so Goodbye,


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